Ways to Take Advantage of National Fishing and Boating Week


Today marks the first day of National Fishing and Boating Week, which takes place the first week of June every year. This national event focuses on the important role that boating and fishing plays when it comes to quality of life. This week is the ideal time to get out there and challenge yourself by learning new skills or sharing your passion for fishing with others.

While my home state of Florida is perhaps best known for its saltwater fishing opportunities, the state also offers world-class freshwater bass fishing year round. If you happen to be stuck in a saltwater rut, break out on Saturday, June 8th since it’s a license-free Florida freshwater fishing day. Haven’t taken advantage of the state’s more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams & waterways yet? Now is the time!

Here are a few other ways to take advantage of National Fishing and Boating Week:

  • Free Fishing Days. Free fishing days are a great way to introduce new anglers to the sport and for those who like to mentor others. Most states offer free fishing days during NFBW, which allow the public to fish without having to purchase a fishing license.
  • Special Events. Sites all over the country will host events, such as fishing derbies, regattas, boating demonstrations, festivals and more.
  • Conservation through Participation. When you purchase a fishing license or register a boat, you help fund efforts to conserve our natural waterways through projects such as fisheries research, habitat improvement, fish stocking, aquatic education and fishing and boating access facilities like docks and boat ramps.

Be sure to visit TakeMeFishing.org — it’s a great resource for beginners when it comes to fishing and boating. The site provides a variety of information on fishing reports, boat ramps and hotspots, how-to’s and a community for those who are into everything from fly-fishing to boat maintenance.

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