4 Random Acts of Angling Kindness


Most of us have experienced a random act of kindness at some point in our lives — you know, that one small gesture that someone unexpectedly performed to bring a big smile to your face. Maybe it was a stranger who helped you pay for your morning cup of coffee when you came up embarrassingly short of change, or it could have been a bouquet of flowers that were delivered to your door with an unsigned card. Why not practice random acts of kindness as they relate to fishing?

Consider one or two of these ideas and jump-start your fishing generosity genes!

  1. If you find a particular lure that works really well in your area for a certain species, and you have a fishing friend who likes to target the same species, buy that person one of those magic lures. Then, mail the lure to them with a note that says something like, “Anonymous Angling Tip:  Try working this one around the reeds on Lake Okeechobee when targeting those eight pound bass!
  2. If a friend often invites you out on his or her boat for a day of fishing, sneak up to the ship’s store and pay to have the gas tank filled.
  3. Send an instructional fishing book or DVD to a child you know that loves to fish. There are plenty of books and DVD’s out there that are aimed at getting kids more involved in the outdoors. Do some research on Amazon.com, then have something educational and fishing-related mailed off to a kid you know.
  4. Put together a small, starter tackle box for someone you know that has been talking about getting into fishing or who has recently started fishing and could use some help with selecting basic tackle or supplies.

Do you have suggestions for other random acts of angling kindness? Post them here on the blog. Register and leave a comment on this post with your ideas or tell us about it on the Shefishes2 Facebook page.

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