How to Rig Shrimp for Saltwater Fishing

Shrimp are a preferred meal of many popular saltwater inshore game fish species. Redfish, snook, seatrout, redfish and tarpon… to name a few. For most inshore fishing applications, you can rig shrimp using one of the two most common rigging methods. First, you can “freeline” or drift your shrimp in the current. Or, second, you can rig your shrimp on a circle hook underneath a popping cork.

  • When looking at the upper section of the shrimp’s shell or exoskeleton, you will see a “v” shaped demarcation.
  • Thread the hook crosswise through the “v” shaped demarcation. The hook should be inserted just under the tip of the shell for best movement and to ensure it stays lively as long as possible.
  • Avoid the shrimp’s brain, stomach and pancreas. These appear as translucent dark spots under the exoskeleton.
  • Put your fishing line and shrimp back in the water as quickly as possible.

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