How to Prevent Fish Fillets from Getting Freezer Burn

If your house is anything like mine, fresh fish fillets don’t make it to the freezer very often. However, on the rare occasion they do, I’ve learned a few quick tricks for preventing freezer burn and the dried out, dehydrated taste that comes along with it.


  1. Add 1 tsp table salt to a large bowl of cold water and rinse fillets in bowl of water.
  2. Grab a gallon sized plastic zip lock storage bag.
  3. Label bag with date and species using a piece of tape and ball-point pen or marker.
  4. Fill the gallon size zip lock storage bag about half way with tap water.
  5. Place fish fillets inside zip lock bag, making sure fish is entirely submerged in water.
  6. Zip bag firmly closed.
  7. Place bag of fish and water on top of a cookie sheet or baking pan while you repeat the process if you have more than one fillet to freeze.
  8. Check to be sure fillets are flat (not scrunched up or curled) inside of the bag before placing in the freezer.
  9. If you have enough room, you can leave the fillets stacked on top of the cookie sheet or baking pan so that they freeze flat. This creates more room in your freezer so you can stack other fillets or frozen foods on top of the fish.

Fillets will keep at reasonably good quality in the freezer if stored in this manner for up to 6 months. However, I would highly suggest thawing the fillets and cooking them up within a few weeks of freezing.

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