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Love bragging on Facebook about your big catch? You gotta check out this new social media platform: was founded by hardcore anglers who love fishing, maps and technology. It’s a one-of-a-kind fishing resource to give anglers (of all kinds) valuable 411 on thousands of waterways across the country — including freshwater, saltwater and the Great Lakes.

And their mobile app allows you to see waterway info, layered maps and catches while your on the go.

Sign up for a free membership and friend me.

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You’ll get access to awesome layered maps, have a captive audience for bragging about your catches, and, if you’re feeling generous, be able to share tips and tricks… and even spots! You can mark that “snook hotel” you recently discovered or share a photo of the monster you caught there. And here’s the clincher… you’ll be given the option of who to share it with (“just me” being one of the options). On the mobile app, the posting follows whatever your default sharing settings are from the website which you can change under “Privacy & Settings”.

With the premium membership, you’ll be able to:

  • customize and print your own fishing maps
  • see sea surface temperatures
  • see over 100,000,000 structures like weed beds, fish cribs, pilings, and downed timber
  • get GPS coordinates for over 100,000 proven marked fishing areas with targeted tips and techniques

Premium membership is $9.99 per month or $49.99 for a year. There’s also a six-month membership for $29.99.

Businesses will love being able to share info based on their location as well. For $150/year, your business location will be featured on the waterway map of your choice. Fishidy users will see your place of business alongside marked fishing areas, depth contours, detailed shorelines, structure, landings, marinas, flooded timber, weed beds and more. You can create a linked business page share information, news, specials, promotions. Great for Fishidy users when you are on unfamiliar waters and need more bait, fuel, or lunch!

Watch for more info as Deb and I explore the possibilities with this amazing tool… Gotta love the combination of fishing and technology!

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