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After meeting this lady angler in St. Petersburg, FL a few months back, her contagious enthusiasm and passion for fishing made an immediate impression on me. I knew that Rosemary White would be a perfect fit for the “Fisherwoman Spotlight” not only because of her extensive fishing experience, but also because of her positive and energetic nature. Read on to find out more about Rosemary and check out the photo of her biggest catch!

Shefishes2:  How long have you been fishing?

Rosemary:  I have been fishing for over 20 years. I fished throughout my childhood when I lived in Canada, but as a child I had to focus on school, and was not able to fish extensively as I do now.

Shefishes2:  Since you have been fishing for over 20 years, how did you initially get “hooked?”

Rosemary:  I grew up in the outdoors. Family camping trips started at the age of 6 months for me. We loved to camp! And, with camping came fishing.

Shefishes2:  Who are your current fishing mentors or biggest fishing inspirations?

Rosemary:  One of my biggest inspirations is the man who is my Captain. It does not matter what body of water the man fishes, he will catch a fish where no others can. Next, are my children. Whenever I hook a fish I have my older son telling me what to do, ”Easy does it mom! Don’t reel against the drag, don’t “high stick.” Or, my little one helping me with my knots and letting me borrow his lures, jigs or hooks. They truly inspire me as they all love, and are addicted to, the sport as much as I am.



Shefishes2:  What advice do you have for other women who are interested in learning how to fish?

Rosemary:  My advice for any woman wanting to learn how to fish is find someone who can teach you how to fish — hands on! There are many different types of seminars offered that are free to attend. You can also read fishing periodicals and magazines. Just remember that if you want to be a serious angler and receive merit based on your catches, you need to be practical. Respect yourself, respect the environment and respect the sport.

Shefishes2:  Do you have a favorite species?

Rosemary:  I love, love, love BASS! Bass fishing, in and of itself, has taught me so much about fishing. This is where I learned to cast under heavy foliage, skip lures, and how to use various types of lures. On the saltwater side of things, every fish has my love in one way or another! The brute strength and brawn needed for a gag grouper, the finesse to cast a lure or bait to a dock snook, “bowing to the king” when a tarpon is about to gulp air and go airborne… oh the list goes on and on! My favorite species is ALL of them!


Shefishes2:  What species is at the top of your fishing bucket list and why?

Rosemary:  The Rooster fish is at the top of my bucket list. I have heard the fight of a Rooster likened to that of a Jack Crevalle. If you have ever caught a big jack, or even a little one for that matter, you know the fight and sheer power they have. The next most obvious reason is the stunning appearance of the Rooster. There is nothing like it. It is as unique as the Narwhal or Beluga is to the whale family.  What are your favorite “must have” pieces of fishing gear, tackle or equipment?

Rosemary:  Comfortable and practical sun protective clothing for hours and hours in the sun, I NEVER leave home without my HOO-RAGS, my Shimano reels and Star rods are the combos I love the most, or my heavy duty Penns for the big boys.

grouper-rosemary  What one fishing skill was the biggest challenge for you to master?

Rosemary:  Ugh, casting! Casting under mangroves, docks, trees… wait, did I mention casting? My Captain and my kids LAUGH at me all the time because I am very bad at casting. Sometimes I can skip a frog so well that I have to sit back and admire myself… LOL… at other times I am climbing trees trying to get a $15.00 lure back. Practice, practice, practice is the key. Once I was dock fishing and cast a lure into an expensive yacht! My Captain about dropped dead because he couldn’t believe it! Then, he had to maneuver us so I could try to get the expensive lure back. When I think about it I cannot help but laugh. He gets so mad at me and the look of disbelief in his eyes. Hey stuff happens right!  What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

Rosemary:  The biggest “fish” I have ever caught was 6-foot spinner shark in the Florida Keys! The fight was INCREDIBLE! I had a harness strapped onto me and I could feel it EVERY single time the shark would get ready to jump and spin. I could literally feel its body movements like they were my own — it was as if we were one. I’ll never forget the experience.

spinner-shark  Do you have a saltwater fishing tip that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Rosemary:  CHUM, CHUM CHUM! No matter what.

What is your current occupation? What would your ideal “dream job” be?

Rosemary:  My occupation is the Office Director/Administrator for a Design/Build Contracting firm in Clearwater, FL. I am the only woman in the company, and I enjoy all aspects of both commercial and residential construction. It delivers great satisfaction to take someone’s dreams and turn them into a reality.

Let’s get “reel” though! My dream job would be to travel the world catching all kinds of fish, then tagging them for conservation and research. Also to show women the extreme satisfaction of “catching” their family’s dinner or having a WOMENS fishing show of our very own.

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