Fisherwoman Spotlight | Kim Arasimowicz

kim-cobiaI  had the pleasure of connecting with fellow fisherwoman Kim Arasimowicz during a recent FWF Heels & Reels Girls Fishing Tournament meeting… and, it was abundantly clear from the moment I met her that she had a true passion for fishing, so I asked her to share her story along with a few words of advice.

What do you do for a living? I would love to say that I fish for a living, but that does not pay the bills. I am a Realtor with the Schooner Bay Realty Team in Cape Coral, FL. I can actually say that I love my job. Everyday my career brings something new and exciting!

When do you find the time to fish? I have a very flexible career so it honestly depends on the tides. I like the week days better as there is less traffic on the water. One of my favorite things to do is, wake up and be on the water before sunrise at low tide to watch the redfish tailing. It’s one of the most beautiful sights around here.

What is the one best piece of advice you’d give to beginning anglers? Ask a lot of questions, read and research the local fish, and most importantly, learn to tie your own knots early on. It doesn’t matter what kind of lure or what kind of hook you are using. When you have a nice fish on and you lose it because of a weak knot, defeat is never a good feeling. I learned a great deal by reading local magazines at bait shops, researching on the internet, and asking a million questions! Pick the brain of someone who really knows how to fish.

What is your favorite piece of fishing tackle or gear? Wow, the list could go on! My fishing tackle is the equivalent of new shoes for a girl! I would say that my Star Rod and Shimano Sahara 4000 is my favorite combo ever! I love live bait, but my back up artificial would be a Berkley jerk shad chartreuse 5” with a white jig head with red eyes. Gets em’ every time!

How long have you been fishing? I have only been fishing for about 3 years now. I use to race motocross and after I was done with that I had to find something that would give me the same rush and wanting more and more! Well fishing definitely hit the spot for me. I was hooked immediately!

How did you learn to fish? I learned from various people how to fish, but a few good friends have taught me everything I need to know about the sport from tides, bait, drag, biology of fish, how to properly land a monster fish and overall to be patient!

Have a favorite or most memorable catch? My most memorable catch was down in Estero Bay in late August of 2012 the night before a tropical storm was going to hit. The sun was just starting to set as we pulled up on an oyster bed. Mind you I probably had the lightest rod ever and a small 2500 Stratic on it. I threw my bait past a tailing fish off the oyster bed and it was ON! That thing ran us around for about 20 minutes and wrapped me around two different mangroves it was a 46” snook weighing in at about 24 lbs. The fight was amazing on such a light rod, and I’m still to this day surprised that I landed it! A scale was left on the deck of the boat and still to this day I carry it in my wallet.

What is the one most important fishing skill or technique anyone has ever taught you? When you’re reeling in a snook you need to take control of the fish fast! Their first instinct is to run for the mangroves or docks. The way to take control is to turn the fish the opposite way its swimming by reeling it in to the left or right. They have a very sharp gill plate that will cut your line clean and off they go. Remember, don’t pull up on the rod. Sideways pressure is always best. Let the drag do its job and tire the fish out.

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