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brooke-thomasWhen it comes to versatile fisherwomen, there is one lady angler that is at the top of the list… Ms. Brooke Thomas. From bowfishing for gar to tossing out a line with a Duckett baitcaster for a largemouth bass, Brooke has it covered. Upon first glance, you might raise an eyebrow while thinking that Brooke looks a bit glam to be grabbing a hold of a big bucket mouth, but guess what? Don’t let her perfectly put-together appearance and manicured nails fool you. She’s die hard! I talked fishing with Brooke last week, and if you want to know what drives this 23-year old to keep catching ’em up, read on.

How long have you been fishing? I grew up fishing with my brothers, my Dad, and my Grandfather. In fact, I went on a sailfish trip to Costa Rica with my Grandfather when I was just 8 years old. I have always wanted to be around the water and part of the action.

Do you ever fish alone? Yes, all of the time! I’ll often take a canoe or jon boat out alone on the weekend and fish for bass near where I live in Apopka, FL.

What is your favorite species to fish for? I love fishing for largemouth bass. I participate in local tournaments with my boyfriend and really enjoy the challenge of competition.

Do you have any favorite lures, gear or other tackle that you like to use? Absolutely, I love my Duckett Fishing poles. I also really like experimenting with different spinnerbaits.

What are your future fishing goals? Do you want to get more involved in fishing bass tournaments? Definitely, someday it would be great to fish the Bassmasters series.

Is it hard for you to find other women to fish with or who share your passion for the sport? Not really, I actually have quite a few friends that enjoy it. Once other women see you getting out there and doing it, they are usually up for trying it.

How did you get into bowfishing and what species do you target on those trips? A friend took me on a bowfishing trip and I really liked it because it was basically hunting… but, for fish. The thing many people do not realize is that when we go bowfishing, we don’t target sport fish. We target species like gar or mudfish.

What advice do you have to share with other women who are interested in getting into sport fishing? Don’t listen to negativity. You can take constructive criticism or advice, but above all, just keep doing what you love. Aside from that, just get out there and fish as much as you can. Take a fishing pole and fish from shore to build on your skills and experience.

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