Fisherwoman Spotlight | Allison Shaw

I was introduced to professional bass angler Allison Shaw through the crew at Tackle Grab. After interviewing her on the phone, we couldn’t wait to share her story and her passion for fishing!


How did you first get into bass fishing? I started fishing with my dad and grandfather when I was three years old using night crawlers and a bobber. I definitely had to do some online research when it came to using artificials and educate myself on tournament-style fishing. When got into college, I decided to join a college team and was the first female to make it into the 2011 FLW College Championships in Kentucky.

Is bass the primary species you target? I tournament fish for bass, but I’ll fish for anything, anywhere.

What advice do you have for other women who are interested in getting into the sport? It’s all about time on the water. You don’t need a boat, but practice your techniques as much as you can. The more practice you get, the better you’ll become.

What’s is the best piece of advice any one has ever given you regarding your career in fishing? Don’t stress or over-think things. Just get out there, do it and have the confidence.

Do most of the men you meet in the professional fishing world react positively when they see you so passionate and involved? Yes, most of the responses I get from men are positive. However, there are still a few that feel it’s a gentleman’s sport.

Why do you think more women aren’t out on the water fishing? I think it’s because the majority of women weren’t raised doing things like fishing or climbing trees in the outdoors. Fishing just started out as a man’s sport.

Have any favorite pieces of gear or tackle? I love my Abu Garcia MGX reel and Ultra Green Maxima Monofilament line. I’m also a big fan of Tackle Grab because they send me a variety of great lures to test out each month… just got a wooden crawdad popper lure that I can’t wait to try!

What has been your most memorable catch so far to date? My most memorable catch was a 7 lb bass that I caught with my dad on a night crawler while fishing Bass Lake in California.

Has it been difficult for you to find other female friends to fish with since there aren’t that many that are as into the sport as you are? Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge, but I often go fishing with my good friend Danielle. When you do finally find other women who are as into the sport, you usually become lifelong friends.

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