Fisherwoman Spotlight | Allison Jeffries

Allison Jeffries caught our attention when she connected with me on Twitter. It was crystal clear that this fisherwoman meant business based on the size of the fish she had a habit of reeling in. We had to learn more about her, and find out how she got hooked on fishing.

Allison Jeffries and redfish

How did you first get into fishing? When I was growing up, I mainly fished freshwater at our family lake house for bream, but over the last two years I have also grown to love saltwater fishing.

Who is your biggest fishing inspiration? Scott O’Brien. Scott is a personal friend and tournament angler as well as Pro Staff Member for Stinky Fingers Bait Company and T Allen Rods.

What tips would you share with beginners who are just getting into the sport? Never give up. Fishing is not about luck, but about true skill. It takes a lot of practice. Always take the time to listen to anyone offering tips or advice because you can never learn too much.

Do you participate in tournaments or prefer to stay a recreational angler? I tournament fish in the Florida Lure Anglers Open Division, and am looking forward to increasing my involvement with upcoming tournaments.

Do you usually fish with others or do you like to fish solo? I love fishing with others! There is always a new technique you can learn or pick up from fishing with other people.

What’s your biggest catch or the catch you are most proud of? The catch I am most proud of is my first bull red weighing in at 15.5 pounds. It was an awesome fight, caught with my favorite Stinky Fingers Bait.

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