5 Things Guys Won’t Tell You About Fishing

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When it comes to fishing, men love to keep certain things secretive. Have you ever witnessed a positive or open reaction from a fisherman when asked by a stranger to share the coordinates of his favorite spot? I bet you a dollar to a hole in a doughnut that the answer is a resounding NO!

Aside from keeping the “big catch” spots on the down low, here are a few other details about fishing guys are not likely to reveal:

  • You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of gear or tackle. You can fish from the shore of a nearby lake using a basic spinning combo. Check Bass Pro Shops or Gander Mountain for a starter combo like the Pflueger Trion (medium power with 10 lb line).
  • Drinking copious amounts of beer is not a requirement while fishing. In fact, it’s a better experience when you’re not drinking and focused. Unless, of course, you feel like bringing along a thermos full of “special coffee” or sipping on a glass of wine in a plastic cup… you also have those options.
  • Unless you are deep sea fishing miles offshore, you can still answer your cell phone. No explanation needed. There are cell towers everywhere these days.
  • A fishing trip can be a great networking and conversational tool. Almost everyone has at least one or two “fish tales” they like to share. There’s something about the experience of catching your first perch with your grandfather, reeling in a bunch of bluegills with your cousins or hiking to a nearby pond to hook a few catfish with your childhood chums.
  • Shouting and swearing at your significant other while they attempt to reel in or land a large fish is not conducive to a positive learning experience. Patience and calm instruction will help ensure that anglers new to the sport actually enjoy the experience versus getting frustrated or feeling defeated.

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