5 Options to Know When You Gotta Go

outhouse-woods-fishingIt may not be the most proper or pleasant of conversations, but it’s definitely an issue we women face when spending the day on a boat. What do you do when you gotta go? Do you just drop your drawers and go over the side of the boat? Do you use a bucket? I can say one thing, if the bite is on, I’m not giving up a hot spot to find an outhouse! There are plenty of home made and store-bought solutions available. Here is a list of options to know when you just gotta go!

  1. The “GoGirl” Feminine Urination Device. A solution for female outdoors lovers when a clean restroom is not an option, the GoGirl Feminine Urination Device makes fishing, camping, sporting events or other outdoors activities a bit more tolerable. Made of flexible, medical-grade silicone, this urination device allows women to urinate while standing up. Reusable with proper cleaning after use, the GoGirl comes with a small tube for storage. GoGirl can be found at Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas and some Target stores. Cost $12.99
  2. The Bassroom. The Bassroom is a complete portable bathroom system that consists of a privacy cover, toilet, waste bags and storage carrying bags. The Bassroom is an extremely versatile, extremely compact, and environmentally safe option to making continuous trips back and forth to shore when a member of your fishing party has to go. Sets up easily and stores away when not needed. Order online from CoverYourBass.com. Cost $109.95
  3. The Travel John Portable Toilet Solid Waste Collection Kit. The better option when number two knocks. No portable toilet to clean or store, you just seal the waste bag after use and throw away. The Travel John Solid Waste Collection Kit uses a patented LIQSORB pouch and provides spill proof protection. This absorbent pouch prevents leakage and features a disposable and degradable plastic revolutionary “bag within a bag” design. Kit includes: 1 solid waste collection bag (gels instantly), 3 anti-septic moist hand wipes for disinfection and 1 scented pocket size tissue pack (20 2-ply sheets). Cost $9.90 at SurvivalStore.com.
  4. Roll of Recycled TP and Biodegradable Bag. A bit more basic, but this “green” combo works. Buy biodegradable bags from WorldCentric.org at 3 gallon pack of 25 runs about $5.57 and use recycled toilet tissue that you can keep dry in a zip lock bag until ready to use.
  5. 5 Gallon Bucket with Toilet Seat. This solution is for all the “Do-it-Yourselfers” out there. Just use a plastic garbage bag as a liner and then add kitty litter to make clean up a bit easier. Empty or bury when you get off the boat. Most anglers have 5 gallon buckets at home and can find or buy an inexpensive toilet seat.


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