4 Best Fishing Moments of 2013

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Wait one cotton-pickin’ minute… wasn’t I just typing up a post about my best fishing moments of 2012? How in the heck did one year go by so fast? I guess time just flies when you’re fishing.


This year I officially made the switch from being a full-time online business development executive to being a full-time outdoor writer, blogger and angler. While my pocketbook isn’t quite as full, my peace of mind and passion are bigger than ever before. Big shout out of thanks to those of you who supported me through the transition.
As I reflect back on all the juicy good fishing moments of this year, these are the ones that give me the biggest grins.

  1. Watching Elizabeth from the PACE Center for Girls catch her first cobia and blue runner during the Freedom Waters Foundation Heels & Reels Girls Fishing Tournament. The smiles on the faces of Elizabeth and the rest of the girls from the PACE Center for Girls and New Horizons of Southwest Florida were priceless. They handled the rods and reels like pros… word on the street is that they all can’t wait to get out to fish again ASAP! Thank you to all of our tournament sponsors, supporters and volunteers. elizabeth-pace
  2. Catching my very first peacock bass. Wow, I’ve had a peacock bass on my fishing bucket list for a few years now. I thought I’d have to drive over to Miami to land my first. When I felt that feisty son-of-a-gun tugging on my line, I knew it wasn’t fighting like a largemouth. Captain Greg Stamper and I actually caught about eight or nine one afternoon in November… it was one of those days I’ll never forget.
  3. Landing my first striped bass while on the Hiwassee River in Tennessee. Gigantic striper-sized thank you to Todd Whitener of Sunburst Adventures for taking us out on his home waters and showing us where to find the fish. We tossed our lines out into the rapids from an inflatable raft near ledges and drop offs using live bait.
  4. Watching my friend Rosie smile for the camera after catching her first snook. Captain Greg and I couldn’t wait to get Rosie out on the water… we knew that her bubbly disposition and positive attitude would shine through even brighter once she had a nice line-sider in her hands. The photo proves it!rosie-cook-snook

No doubt you have your own favorite fishing moments to share from this past year? Share them with me by commenting on the Facebook page or by registering for the blog and you might be featured in an upcoming post.

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